Bad advice causing legal fees to be excessive

We had a client who instructed a solicitor to give her advice as her business was being sued by one of her clients. This was an expensive London solicitor who you would expect to be at the top of their game.

After months of work and charging her fees of £170,000 the solicitor then decided to ask a barrister for his opinion; the barrister had an opposing view to what the solicitor was advising. The solicitor always advised she had a good case; the barrister said she didn’t.

The solicitor should have asked a barrister for his opinion at the beginning and then the client would not have been charged such large fees. In fact that firm of solicitors advertised they were experts in the particular field required so really we should have expected the solicitor to have given the correct advice from day one.

We are suing the solicitor for £160,000.