Challenge Legal Fees

We specialise in challenging solicitors excessive legal fees

We have specialist legal costing expert solicitors that could save you a substantial amount of money. Advocate charge you a percentage of the saving made for you.


If you have received legal fees for £10,000 or over, we can challenge them, ideally within 30 days of receiving your final bill. However, after this time we still legally have a discretionary 12 month period to challenge your fees. We are in a much stronger position if you have not paid all or, part of your solicitor’s fees, but if you have, we can still challenge them within this period.

If you are paying in installments, it is preferable if the last installment has not been paid nevertheless, we still have 12 months from date of final invoice.  If you believe it was the solicitor’s negligence that caused your fees to be excessive, for instance, if the case could have finished much earlier achieving the same results, we could have 6 years to pursue a professional negligence case against your solicitor to recover your legal fees and any damages.

Once appointed your case file, and a breakdown of your invoice, will be requested from your solicitor.  A solicitor or legal costings expert, will examine your invoice in detail. A solicitor must produce their invoice in accordance with strict Law Society guidelines – in other words they must justify and have conveyed their costs in a particular way – we find this often not to be the case, this allows us to take advantage of the procedures they have not adhered to.  We would also request from you other reasons why you think the legal fees should not be paid, for instance, the solicitor did not do the work in the first place – which surprisingly enough,  is the most popular reason!   Maybe your case seemed to take forever; poor verbal communication, correspondence to the other party in abundance – excessive bill!

Maybe you have received an astronomical bill for a divorce or any other legal matter, or maybe you are expecting one in the near future. Don't pay it before Advocate has examined it - we could save you a substantial amount of money.


  • We can examine your legal bills on a regular basis whether or not it is from a third party or your own Solicitor – this is done professionally always bearing in mind that you may have work ongoing with the Solicitors in question.
  • If you are a business that receives a lot of Solicitors/Lawyers legal fees, why not have them examined by Advocate – we will save you money.


Yes we can. It is much better if the invoice is unpaid or only part paid however, there is still a period of 12 months that we can legally challenge the charges from the date of your final invoice.


Advocate takes a percentage of the amount we save you. Once we have been instructed, your case file will be requested from your Solicitor and your invoice will be put in dispute which will be a weight off your mind. At the same time we will be looking for signs of professional negligence or an Inadequate Professional Service (I.P.S.) which we can look into recovering you damages and also take action by reporting it to the relevant authorities who can then fine the solicitor. Any money awarded from this fine over and above the savings we have already made for you, less Advocates percentage, will be yours.

Maybe your Solicitor has?

- Missed important deadlines

- Dragged out your case

- Carried out work without instruction

- Overcharged you

- Did not communicate professionally

- Is now evasive, impossible to contact, even rude

- Do you believe they are covering up their mistakes?

- Maybe they lost your case, which they should have won

- Maybe they lost your case and should have known the outcome at the beginning


We receive a lot of cases involving probate. It seems there is possibly a correlation between the value of an estate and the amount solicitors’ charge, which we find astounding. Solicitors should keep the beneficiaries updated regarding ongoing fees in advance. We are finding this is often not the case. Maybe the reason for this is the solicitors don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ mid case and have clients complaining. Instead, seemingly, they wait until the end of the case; issue an astronomical bill, knowing that the money is available in the balance of the estate to pay themselves.

We are also finding careless negligence by solicitors in probate cases, probably for the simple reason that they don’t expect to be challenged.


Again, with divorce, we think there is often a correlation between the net worth of the client and the fees solicitors impose on them which, if this is the case, its shocking!

We can challenge your fees and if required, investigate for professional negligence.