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Addressing Solicitors professional negligence, Complaints, and challenging legal fees.

  • Advocate is an organisation that enables people to make a complaint and take legal action without them having to pay out any more money in legal fees, using our experienced specialist solicitors.
  • The Managing Director of Advocate Legal Services has had first hand experience of the careless, incompetent and covering up mentality from Solicitors who are capable of ruining people’s lives, without giving a thought to the emotional and financial damage they are causing. He can personally identify and relate to the frustrations and fear you are experiencing having received first hand such a potentially devastating service from a Solicitor.
  • We also deal in professional negligence. If you think a solicitor, barrister, surveyor, accountant or broker of any category has fallen below an acceptable standard, leaving you in a compromised position financially, Freeway Legal Services can help - our fees being only a percentage of the amount we recover for you.

Negligent solicitors & complaints against Solicitors - Legal case funding

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Solicitors Professional negligence

  • Missed important deadlines
  • Dragged out your case
  • Carried out work without instruction
  • Overcharged you
  • Did not communicate professionally
  • Is now evasive, impossible to contact, even rude
  • Do you believe they are covering up their mistakes?
  • Maybe they lost your case, which they should have won
  • Maybe they lost your case and should have known the outcome at the beginning

Probate – Legal Fees

We receive a lot of cases involving probate. It seems there is possibly a correlation between the value of an estate and the amount solicitors’ charge, which we find astounding. Solicitors should keep the beneficiaries updated regarding ongoing fees in advance.
We are finding this is often not the case. Maybe the reason for this is the solicitors don’t want to ‘rock the boat’ mid case and have clients complaining. Instead, seemingly, they wait until the end of the case; issue an astronomical bill, knowing that the money is available in the balance of the estate to pay themselves.

We are also finding careless negligence by solicitors in probate cases, probably for the simple reason that they don’t expect to be challenged.

Divorce – Legal Fees

Again, with divorce, we think there is often a correlation between the net worth of the client and the fees solicitors impose on them which, if this is the case, is shocking! We can challenge your fees and if required, investigate for professional negligence.