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  • Advocate would like to make it clear it is confirmed that our involvement in your matter was as a consequence of an approach made by you to us and not from any unsolicited approach by us to you, whether over the phone or in the street.
  • Although we may recommend clients to our specific panel Solicitors you have absolute freedom of choice over which Solicitor you wish to use. If you do not wish to instruct our recommended firm, could you please contact us immediately.
  • Please be advised that whilst dealing with your case it may be necessary for the recommended Solicitor to disclose certain information to us in order that we can assist and aid the progression of your case.
  • If you do not authorise such disclosure by the recommended Solicitor to us you should contact us immediately and the recommended Solicitor to notify them of your unwillingness for any information to be disclosed to us.
  • Nothing in the relationship between ourselves and our appointment Solicitor will interfere with their absolute duty to pursue the matter in a manner which is entirely in your best interests.
  • Advocate Legal Services on some occasions may receive a referral fee from Solicitors. If this is the case, the sum will be paid by the Solicitors and not by you.