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About Us

We have been established since 2011.

We are based in Cheshire, our clients are nationwide.

Advocate Legal Services is a firm that enables people to make a complaint and take legal action against solicitors/barristers without having to pay out any more money in legal fees as far as possible using its experienced panel solicitors.

The Managing Director of Advocate Legal Services has experienced first-hand the arrogant, careless and incompetent behaviour some solicitors can inflict on their clients. Their covering-up mentality, evasiveness and demands for payments are extremely stressful when you believe they have not done the work they say they have and the work they have done was unnecessary or not up to the standard you would have expected from a reasonably competent solicitor. Holding them to account can be difficult as they always seem to have an answer for everything.

Solicitors can destroy lives, without giving any thought to the emotional and financial damage they have caused. 

Which other professionals are trained to cover up their mistakes?


Below are some examples of types of legal cases:

 Cases which have been run out of time (expiry of limitation)

Under-settlement of personal injury

Missed court deadlines

Failed commercial litigation cases

Under-settled divorce cases

Flawed contracts which fail

Excessive legal fees

Error on the particulars of the claim

Substandard shareholder agreements

Bad advice causing excessive legal fees

Poor advice causing a financial loss

Solicitors encouraging their clients to proceed with legal action when the case never had any prospects of success from the outset

Law firms not informing clients of any risks involved in pursuing a legal action

Solicitors attempting to charge fees when the client is on a no win, no fee agreement (CFA)

Probate cases with excessive fees

We will consider most types of legal cases.

Please contact us if you believe you have a potential legal case against a solicitor or barrister

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If a solicitors’ firm or barrister has been negligent causing you a financial loss, or you believe you have been overcharged legal fees, please contact us using our contact form.

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